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Liturgies That Won’t Burn

English:?Roman and Mozarabic liturgies unharmed by the fire: an engraving from a Mexican edition of the Mozarabic rite
Source Missa Gothica, seu, Mozarabica, et Officium itidem Gothicum (
Author Jphus. Nava

Latin banners read: “Both books cast into the fire”; “The Roman leaps out of the fire”; “The Gothic unharmed under the flames.”

A Cozy Nook for Reading

English:?Woman reading in a cozy nook with radiant heat, from a 1905 American Radiator Company catalogue. “This ‘cozy corner’ is part view of the living room of our Colonial Model House, at St. Louis World’s Fair.”
Source “Radiation and Decoration,” a catalogue from the American Radiator Company, 1905 (
Author Anonymous