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The Worm of Conscience

English:?Vermis Conscientiae: damned souls in hell tormented by the Worm of Conscience, from?Infernus, damnatorum carcer et rogus?(Hell, Prison and Grave of the Damned) by Jeremias Drexel
Source Infernus, damnatorum carcer et rogus?(
Author Anonymous

Judas Iscariot

English:?Judas Iscariot about to hang himself, by?Abraham Bloemaert
Source Les principes du dessein, ou, Methode courte et facile pour aprendre cet art en peu de tems (
Author Abraham Bloemaert, painter; Willem Swanenburg, engraver

Reprinted in a drawing method from 1746.

Liturgies That Won’t Burn

English:?Roman and Mozarabic liturgies unharmed by the fire: an engraving from a Mexican edition of the Mozarabic rite
Source Missa Gothica, seu, Mozarabica, et Officium itidem Gothicum (
Author Jphus. Nava

Latin banners read: “Both books cast into the fire”; “The Roman leaps out of the fire”; “The Gothic unharmed under the flames.”